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Here are some pictures of the install of the prelub on my Hummer

Click on image for full view. (640 x 511 x 24-bits, 144 dpi)

Oil Evac Bracket View of the OilEvac connection.

Oil Evac Bracket Another View of the Oil Evac connection.

Oil Filter Ring View of the Oil Filter Ring.

Pump Hose Routing Pump Hose Routing.

Oilpan fitting Oilpan fitting.

Pump Front view Pump Front view.

Pump rear view Pump rear view.

Pressure Switch Pressure Switch view.

Start Relay Start Relay wiring view.

Switch Timer location Switch/Timer location.

OilEvac Hose OilEvac Hose.



Warning Sticker

Warning Sticker


If you would like to see more RPM PreLub images look here!

All images will be full sized (640 x 480 72 dpi)


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