Humvee R/C Page

Front View

Here's my M1025 Humvee that I got for Christmas. It took about 5 hours to put together.

After about a week of playing and crashing the Humvee I decided to install lights so I could use it at night. I went to Radio Shack and bought the needed supply's to make it light up at night. A few LED's, 2 panel lights, AA battery case and a SPST switch.

This job took about 2 hours plus about 3 hours for the glue and RTV seal to dry.


I will be painting the Humvee next along with making a brush guard, Video camera and more. I will update this page when I get done with the next step.

The A/V system is from Ramsey electronics a CCDWA-2 CCD Camera, Wide Angle 3mm/f3.5 80 Degree Lens that will be mounted on a servo so it can be paned left and right and a C-2001 High Power Video & Audio Transmitter Cube

CCDWA-2 CCD Camera

C-2001 High Power Video & Audio Transmitter Cube

It works on Cable channel 59 and I get 1/4 mile range with a telescopic antenna so I am using my ATI All-in-Wonder video card with a roof top radio shack TV antenna to receive the audio and video signal that's the easy part now I have to find a way to control the car with my computer. I have looked everywhere on the net and could not find anyone that has such a controller. I am using a Futaba Magnum Sport 2PC-AM controller with a R122JE receiver and 2 S3003 servos. I will keep looking before I build my own.

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