No snow by Monday morning I guess it's time to do some hummer prep work in my brothers garage.

                 MASTER AT WORK!

Here is my brother Louis. Working on the Diamond Plate getting it ready for the install. He has done so much work on making my truck the way I want it. I feel like I should let him drive it.  NOT!

                             TA DAAAA

Here we added a Roller Fairlead & Diamond plating to dress up the Hummer looks.

                     "I Love This Truck!"


Well the snow has fallen in Central PA and I had the best time with the new Hummer.

Here is the snow on Tuesday morning. Not like I want it.

Getting there!

Well it's getting there by after noon. Keep Coming! Keep Coming! Keep Coming!

                "Who's Yer Daddy?"

Then add some 4x4's and it off to the white woods for some FUN!

By night time it was wicked. SNOW falling hard and deep along with ice.  FYI- I had 2 pairs of under guchies with me and used both lol.  Wanted to take some  action pictures but no one wanted to get out of the hummer to take them.. Then again we were only on 2 wheels most of the day.  :) ( Yeah Baby! BTM )

Action Pictures are HERE!
    Snow Action Pictures! CLICK HERE!

      Click on the sign.


Snow Action